Interval Ownership FAQ

Ownership Opportunities Starting From $1,500

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How Interval Ownership Works

With interval ownership, you can enjoy a fully furnished vacation property in an amazing resort community for a fraction of the cost and worry of full ownership. Learn more as you read our frequently asked questions below.

Why has interval ownership become so popular? 

Year-round ownership of a condominium or vacation home is not financially feasible for most of us. Interval ownership makes it possible to own a fully furnished resort for just the periods when you can enjoy it and not have to pay for the periods when you're not using it.  It is a way to enjoy a lifestyle without the price or commitment of whole ownership. 

What are the typical number of days purchased? 

The properties that Vail Valley Interval Sales represents are available in one-week increments. You can purchase as many weeks as you wish. Many owners have purchased periods in both the winter and summer. 

What are the financial advantages of interval ownership? 

Generally, the cost of interval ownership pays for itself compared to renting a hotel room or condominium year after year. Additionally, as with any real estate ownership, you'll enjoy certain tax deductions.  Please consult your tax advisor for additional information. 

Can I sell or rent my interval ownership? 

You may rent or sell at any time you wish since you are an owner.  Speak with your designated property representative for details about the rental of your interval and resale programs. 

How long do I own my interval? 

All interval sales are fully deeded, just like your home! It is part of your real estate holdings and can be willed or gifted to others. 

What are my options if I can't schedule my vacation during the week(s) that I purchased? 

You have four options: a.) through your management company, rent your interval for a nightly rate b.) exchange your week through Interval International c.) swap your interval with another owner- consult your management company for information d.) let your friends or family enjoy!   

Who is responsible for the management and maintenance of the suite or condominium? 

A professional management company employed by your homeowners' association shoulders this responsibility. Currently, the management company is East West Destination Hospitality. The cost of management and maintenance of the property are covered entirely by homeowners' association dues.

If you’d like to learn more about interval ownership properties in Avon, Beaver Creek or Vail, Colorado, let’s chat.